Alison and Sarah

About Us

SPI Design & SPI Baby

We founded our interior design firm, SPI Design, in 2004 with the idea that the ideals of modernism can be successfully combined with comfort and livability. In 2010, we launched SPI Baby, a kid's furniture and accessories line, that is based on the same principle. With all of our work, we strive to show that modernism can be sophisticated and fun, that livability should never mean compromising taste.

How It All Began

Many of our clients have young children and growing families, so our work began to include designing children's rooms and nurseries for them. When we started searching for modern, well-designed furniture and accessories, we realized that what we were looking for did not exist. We found that many products in the marketplace were made cheaply and were meant to be disposable. We slowly began to design and manufacture pieces for our clients, and this process led us to creating an entire line of furniture and accessories.

Our Customer

The collection is geared toward the design-minded individual who wants to invest in a well-made and timeless product.

Our Philosophy on Functionality

Functionality and good design should never be at odds in the home. In creating SPI Baby, we expanded the number of roles our pieces can play, knowing that the last thing parents want in a child's room is clutter and redundancy. We want the parent who buys our pieces to be investing in something that they can keep for many years, reusing it as the family expands, and perhaps passing it on to a friend or relative. We're focused on durability, not disposability.

Keep It Local

Over the years, we have worked diligently to seek out local artisans who take pride in their craft. Except for the area rugs, the entire SPI Baby line is made by craftsmen in Los Angeles. Our customers want to invest in well-made and timeless products, and the close relationships we've formed with local manufacturers allow us to oversee the creation and quality control of our pieces.